Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Clippers vs. Lakers Preseason Highlights: Sick Dunks from Jordan and Griffin (LOB ANGELES)

WOW!  Now that's how you start the season off right, DeAndre Jordan.  Good lord!  That was complete beast mode right there over two 7 footers.  Not many players in the L can pull that off. 

Blake Griffin also had a nice dunk off the backboard from Chauncey Billups although he got hit with a tech for hanging on the rim which is a terrible call.  Had he let go of the rim, he probably would have fallen on his back or head but it's also just the preseason and the players are trying to win back the fans with some entertaining dunks.  Let the dude hang for half a second.  So weak.  Refs suck.

Anyway, I'm seriously considering getting NBA League Pass this season just to watch the Clippers because these dudes are going to be insane.  Just look at the highlights from last night's game in the video above.  They'll be putting up at least 4-5 ridiculous highlight dunks a game because of Chris Paul sending lobs to DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin all game long.   Just call them the LOB Angeles CLippers from now on.

On top of that, it's going to be fun seeing Paul torch all of the PG's in the league with crossovers and floaters.  Kid looks nice after the knee problems from last season.  I'm still upset the Celtics couldn't get him in a deal for Rondo but at least he didn't go to the Lakers and he's on a team that will be fun to watch.  Opening Night cannot come soon enough. 

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