Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bulls vs. Heat Game 4 OT Highlights (SICK D. ROSE DUNKS)

The Bulls had a Game 4 win within reach last night but they threw it away in OT.  D. Rose had a chance to win the game and the end of regulation but he chose to go with a jumper instead of driving and getting to the rim like he had all game.  I'm not sure why he did that but I'm sure he was drained by that point so it's kind of understandable.  He did get an open look so you can't really fault him but you knew if he didn't make that shot, the Heat were going to wake up in OT and pull out the win. 

I really don't want to see the Heat make it to the Finals so I hope the Bulls can step it up back at home in Game 5.  Unfortunately, the refs are doing their best to ensure that the Heats make it to the next round.  It's getting a little ridiculous.

I know it doesn't help Bulls fans feel any better because they lost but D. Rose had some ridiculous highlight dunks and moves last night.  It's ridiculous how fast this guy is and how high he can jump. NASTY!

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