Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jeremy Lin's Buzzer Beating 3-Pointer to Win vs. Raptors (RIDICULOUS)

All He Does is Lin, Lin, Lin, No Matter What!!! Wow. This Jeremy Lin thing just won't end. I've been following this from day 1 and have been infatuated with it but I fully expected the madness to end by now. I'm glad he's proven me wrong because he is really fun to watch and he is single-handedly reviving the lockout shortened season by bringing back fans that gave up on the game or who would have never watched it otherwise which is pretty incredible considering no one knew who he was a few weeks ago. The kid's got game though. I hope he continues to play like this when Melo comes back because the Knicks will be a real fun team to watch if it works and will certainly be tough as hell to beat.

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